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On this page, you can read some frequently asked questions about Synofit. Are you missing a question or do you need a personal, specific answer? Please contact us via the contact page.

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Question about the use of Synofit

What is meant by a ‘building treatment’ and a ‘maintenance dose’?

When your joints could do with some extra, you should always start with a building course. The building treatment consists of a daily intake of 10 ml  Synofit Premium Liquid or 3 Synofit Premium Capsules for 40 days (if necessary up to 80 days max). It is advisable to use the 400 ml Synofit Premium Liquid size or 120 Synofit Premium Capsules as this is just enough for a building treatment of 40 days.

Once finished this building treatment and you are satisfied, you can switch to the maintenance dose. Sometimes, this is after less than 40 days: it is a personal decision. The maintenance dose is considerably cheaper to use, but for most users, enough to keep the level of care for your joints. The maintenance dose consists of a daily intake of either 5 ml Synofit Premium Liquid or 2 Synofit Premium Capsules (some may even reduce this to one capsule a day). For the maintenance dose, the 200 ml Synofit Premium Liquid: size is exactly enough for 40 days maintenance treatment.

Almost all satisfied Synofit users choose to continue using Synofit maintenance dose indefinitely, as ceasing Synofit use usually leads to a considerably reduced satisfaction. As a result, to return to a good satisfaction level, the building treatment must be repeated again.

Please note, it is not advisable to follow the maintenance treatment with a pack of 400 ml Synofit Premium Liquid as once opened, the Synofit Premium Liquid expires after 50 days. This packaging is therefore not suitable to be used for the maintenance dose that lasts 80 days.

Can I prematurely stop the building treatment and continue it later?

The advice is to finish the building treatment completely in one go without interruption. Following a complete course gives the best caring results, as the active ingredients need that time to carry out their required functions. If you do interrupt the building treatment there is a chance that Synofit will not meet your expected satisfaction. Once you have completed the building period, you can try to switch to the maintenance dose, but a complete interruption is therefore strongly discouraged.

Additionally, the shelf life of Synofit Premium Liquid is limited, so there is little leeway to pause the building treatment. See also the previous and the next question.

Can I continue using the initial dosage after 80 days?

That is no problem at all. But if you are not satisfied with the results after 80 days, the risk is that Synofit does not work for you. It is absolutely o.k. to continue with the initial dosage if you are satisfied.

Can I take Synofit with water?

It is no problem to take Synofit with some water. However, it advisable not to combine Synofit with food: it is best if your stomach is empty when you take Synofit. About half an hour before a meal is ideal. It is strongly discouraged to take Synofit regularly together with dairy products, enzymes and products with relatively high Omega – 6 fatty acids.

Can I combine Synofit with drinking alcoholic beverages?

If you use Synofit, you can continue with any food or alcoholic beverages. However, it is advised not to combine the intake of Synofit with alcohol.

What do I do if I forget to take a dose?

This phenomenon can happen to every Synofit user. It is always recommended to make up for a forgotten dose. A forgotten morning dose can still be taken at lunch, a forgotten lunch dose can be taken at dinner, and a forgotten evening dose can still be taken with some water just before bedtime.

Can I give Synofit to my dog?

Special for dogs (and cats and horses), we developed Synopet. Dogs often need only 1 to 3 bottles a year and it is not necessary to continue with the maintenance dose.

Questions on how to store Synofit

How long can you keep an opened bottle of Synofit Premium Liquid?

Synofit is a 100% pure natural product. Fifty days after the bottle is opened the effectiveness will slowly start to decrease. Therefore, the advice is to complete a started course until the bottle is empty. It is important to follow the instructions in the manual. So, always close the cap firmly on the bottle and keep Synofit in a cool and dry place. It is also important to shake the bottle before each use!

Should Synofit Premium Liquid be stored in the refrigerator?

The bottle should be stored in its sealed container in a cool and dry place. A refrigerator is obviously a perfect storage place. Also, make sure that the cap is always secured tightly on the bottle.

How long can you keep an opened package with Synofit Premium Capsules?

For Synofit Premium Capsules, it does not matter whether the packaging has been opened or not, the expiry date on the box always applies.

For the shelf life of the product, it is important that the Synofit Premium Capsules are not exposed to direct sunlight. It can be stored at room temperature, not necessarily in the refrigerator.

Questions about side effects of Synofit and the use of medication

Are there any possible side effects when using Synofit?

From the users’ experiences with Synofit, besides allergic reactions to shellfish and problems in people with large gallstones, very few side effects are known. Some Synofit users have reported nausea, heartburn or reflux shortly after ingestion. The advice in such cases is to take Synofit during the meal for some time (so, different from the standard practice advice). These symptoms should disappear.

The literature on the Green-lipped mussel does not acknowledge serious side effects and interactions with medications of curcumin, in addition to the problems with large gallstones, no side effects have been reported, not even after long-term intake.

If you do experience a side effect that is not described by us, please contact us immediately.

How do I know if a certain phenomenon is a side effect of Synofit?

It is, of course, possible that your body reacts differently to Synofit than that of other users.

If you do not have a shellfish allergy (this can be checked by the GP) and you have no large gallstones in your gallbladder (this can also be checked by the GP), then there is only one-way to determine if the symptoms you have originated from Synofit. If you stop Synofit (temporarily, e.g. 3 weeks), and the symptoms decrease or disappear (temporarily, parallel to the pause period), then this is a first indication that the phenomena are possibly related to Synofit.

If you then start again with Synofit, and the symptoms increase or return, then there is certainly a chance that the symptoms are actually caused by Synofit. In such case, please always contact Synofit immediately.

Can Synofit be used in combination with other medications?

So far, among Synofit users, no problems have been experienced with taking Synofit in combination with other medicines. Medicines used by many Synofit users are:

  • Paracetamol
  • NSAIDs (ibuprofen, diclofenac, naproxen, …)
  • Corticosteroïds (tramadol, prednison, …)
  • Blood thinners (acenocoumarol, …)
  • Antihypertensives (hydrochloorthiazide, …)
  • Medicines for diabetes (metformine, …)
  • And other agents, such as methotrexate, (thyroid gland), …

Based on these experiences no problems are expected when using Synofit along with other medication. In case of any doubt or personal questions, you may always contact Synofit (using the contact form).

Can Synofit be used along with other dietary supplements?

No problems are expected here either. It is advisable to take Synofit always on a stomach as empty as possible: which means preferably not at exactly the same time as any other dietary supplements. For the absorption of the Synofit ingredients, it is important to wait half an hour after taking Synofit before eating and taking other dietary supplements.

Taking additional supplements with Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 and Calcium along with Synofit is not dangerous: the doses of these substances in Synofit is not that high so the chance of an ‘overdose ‘ is nil. In case of any doubt, consult the label of the supplements: if it says it contains the maximum dosage, then maybe there is a risk if you use multiple supplements with high doses simultaneously. However, in the Netherlands, no dietary supplements are sold with an ‘almost-too – high dose” where each extra could lead to dangerous situations. If it still worries you, you can send us a copy of the label, and we will check it for you.

Is it advisable to take additional Glucosamine when taking Synofit?

See also the previous question: initially, it is not dangerous to use extra Glucosamine, but for the absorption of the Synofit ingredients, it is recommended to wait at least half an hour after Synofit intake before taking other substances.

The question is whether it actually makes sense to use additional Glucosamine. Glucosamine has no proven value for maintaining healthy joints. Many of the satisfied Synofit users have used glucosamine for years in the past. Therefore, it is wrong to think that extra Glucosamine would be needed with Synofit or that it adds any value.

In any case, Glucosamine is already present in Synofit in a low dose, being one of the natural ingredients of the Green-lipped mussel.

NOTE: ‘Glucosamine ‘ can also mean Glucosamine Sulphate, Chondroitin, Chondroitin Sulphate, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), Hyaluronic Acid Denatured Collagen Type 2, non-denatured collagen type 2 … All these substances are natural components of cartilage. Taking all of these has no proven effect on the health of the joints.

I have diabetes, can I use Synofit?

In a few cases, Synofit has led to increased blood sugar levels in diabetic patients, but there are also diabetic Synofit users who have not experienced this. In case of any doubts or personal questions, please contact Synofit using the contact form.

Questions about the origin of Synofit

How likely is it that one day there will be no more Green-lipped mussel available?

It is not like an oil field where one day you run out of supply. Green-lipped mussels are ecologically grown in a huge area in New Zealand (Marlborough Sounds) where the water is very clean.

Green-lipped mussel farm

Green-lipped mussel farm in New Zealand

The quality of the water is continuously monitored and watched over by the New Zealand Health authorities. We, therefore, do not believe we will run out of green – lipped mussel or that it will ever lead to its extinction.

For more pictures of the Green-lipped mussel cultivation in New Zealand go to this page. In addition, there is no need to worry about the environment in that area: the green – lipped mussel was recently rated one of the most ‘eco-friendly seafood’ in the world.

Why does Green-lipped mussel from Synofit have better provenance than most other products with for example a cheaper Green-lipped mussel powder?

Straight away, at the harvest of the Green- lipped mussel, there are already quality differences. Synofit uses a specific quality grading of the harvest. Cheap Green- lipped mussel products often use leftovers after the expensive quality is selected and sold to higher bidders (like Synofit). Synofit utilises only the best quality of green-lipped mussel for its products.

Furthermore, there are significant differences in the transformation processes of the mussels. In a green-lipped mussel extract, certain components of the green-lipped mussel can be neatly ‘purified’ and concentrated, but when doing that, other key ingredients of the green-lipped mussel will get lost. A good example of this is some Glucosamine products based on the Green-lipped mussel: where only the glucosamine from green-lipped mussel is used, but in fact, there is very little left of the Green-lipped mussel in such product. The same applies to some of the Omega-3 supplements. There are also many products with a green-lipped mussel powder that does contain all the tissues of the green-lipped mussel. However, in order to turn that into a usable powder, usually it is heated or freeze-dried: the proteins are denatured thereby and the natural consistency of the ingredients is lost. That is why Synofit uses a stabilised liquid form of Green-lipped mussel  (GLMax®). With this (expensive) transformation process, no heating is applied. Read more on this on the page about the Green-lipped mussel and the page about GLMax®.

Questions about health insurance and the prescription of Synofit

Is Synofit reimbursed by the insurer?

No. Synofit is a food supplement, and dietary supplements are by default not reimbursed. If you are a very satisfied Synofit user, you can, of course, discuss this with your insurer. We are always very interested in the outcome of that discussion, and we would appreciate if you inform us thereof.

Questions about research on Synofit

In 2014 in Ede (Central Netherlands), the first exploratory scientific research was completed where Synofit was compared with a placebo. For more (up-to-date) information. New studies are yet to be started in Brussels and in Leiden (Netherlands).

Among the many users in the Netherlands, research is being carried out on a regular basis through surveys. These show that after 40 days of building treatment, about 60% of the users are satisfied with Synofit. After 80 days, it is 70% of the users. We also know from these surveys that if not satisfied after 80 days, continuing Synofit does not make sense: the satisfaction after the first 80 days usually does not increase any further. Ultimately, for about 30 % of users Synofit is not the right product – therefore it is always a matter of trying it out.

If as a ‘health care professional’ you wish to learn more about this, you can let us know and contact us directly.

Why is there no mentioning on the website of the scientific research that is done with Synofit?

Synofit is a food supplement and therefore it is not allowed to suggest that the product has medical properties or can heal certain diseases.

Only “health professionals” (a person with a medical background or pharmacist) can apply to receive the scientific research data by giving us a call or send an e-mail.

Questions about Synofit customer service and complaints about Synofit

How do I know for sure that this company and webshop offers good customer service?

Some things you can always count on:

  • Your emails will be answered as soon as possible. We strive to do so within 24 hours (not during the weekend). If we are in a situation that we do not have an answer to your question immediately, we will do some thorough research first and let you know what we think later.
  • Your complaints are taken very seriously. See next question.
  • We do our utmost to arrange the delivery of your order as quickly and as effectively as possible. For hundreds of customer reviews on this topic, go to this page.

I have a complaint about the service or product, what should I do?

Please contact us straight away by contacting us via the address provided on the Synofit ES page, leaving your contact details and a clear message describing the issue. We will call back as soon as possible and take the time for you and your complaint.

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