Tips for taking Synofit at the right time of day

Why do you need to take Synofit preferably before a meal?

Synofit has been used by many people for several years now and has become a leading food supplement for joint discomfort. We know now that it is better to take Synofit on an empty stomach so that the ingredients can be absorbed faster and more complete which is especially important for Curcumin.

When the various ingredients of Synofit are mixed with the meal it becomes less likely that they will become in close contact with the gastric and intestinal wall and subsequently become completely absorbed into the bloodstream. However, we have not been informed by some people who have been a long time Synofit users that when they started to take Synofit with a meal that this resulted in a decrease of their satisfaction.

What can I do when I forgot to take Synofit in time?

In case you forget, you still can take Synofit at another moment of the day. Important is that there is a sufficient time between the moments you take Synofit.

Otherwise, it is better to wait and take Synofit at a later time when your stomach is empty again, for example before you go to bed or half an hour before the next meal. In case you forget to take Synofit in a certain day, there is no problem to take a double dosage the following day, since Synofit is a food supplement with an excellent safety profile, also at higher dosages.

Taking Synofit before a meal is especially important in the initial months. Since you are not yet familiar with the possible beneficial effects of Synofit, you may conclude that it is not effective while the reason may be that the absorption of the ingredients was not optimal as a result of taking Synofit at the wrong time of the day.

Once you have experienced the beneficial effects of Synofit on your joints and have decided that you will continue, then you may decide to experiment with the time to take Synofit that is most convenient for you.

Tips that can help you to take Synofit on time

When you take Synofit before breakfast

Synofit Premium Capsules: We advise to put Synofit Premium Capsules in a place where it will remind you in the morning, for example on your bedside table or otherwise in the bathroom. It is best that you then take Synofit immediately before you dress and shower so the time between taking Synofit and eating breakfast is at least 15 minutes. There is no problem when the time between taking Synofit and eating breakfast exceeds 30 minutes.

Synofit Premium Liquid: Synofit liquid needs to be kept in the refrigerator and therefore you will need a reminder such as an empty package of Synofit on your bedside table or in the bathroom to remind you to take Synofit in time.

When you take Synofit before lunch or dinner

Sometimes it is helpful to set an alarm for example on your phone, but this will only work in case your meals are usually eaten at a fixed time. Another method is to put a Synofit package in the kitchen or at any other place where you will notice it well before you eat your meal. This method can also work in case your partner prepares the meal in the kitchen.

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