Switching between Synofit Premium Liquid and Synofit Premium Capsules

What are the differences between Synofit Premium Liquid and Synofit Premium Capsules?

One of the frequently asked questions is whether you can switch from Synofit Premium Liquid to Synofit Premium Capsules or the other way around. These are the most important differences between Synofit Premium Liquid and Synofit Premium Capsules:

Synofit Premium Liquid
● De original, pure Synofit liquid
● Contains Boswellia
● No need to swallow capsules
● Maximum shelf life 45 days after opening
● 2 times 5 ml a day
● The real Synofit-taste

Synofit Premium Capsules
● Contain the Synofit liquid
● Do not Boswellia
● Easy to take with
● Long shelf life up to 2 years
● Taste and odourless
● Take 3 times a day (later 1-2)

Please read the blog about the difference between Synofit Premium Liquid and Synofit Premium Capsules.
For various reasons, Synofit Premium Liquid is slightly more effective than the Synofit Premium Capsules. This is why we advise new customers to start with Synofit Premium Liquid in order to maximize the chance that you will be completely satisfied.

Why should I switch from liquid to capsules?

The first and most important reason to switch from liquid to capsules is the switch to maintenance. If you used Synofit Premium Liquid before and you want to keep taking the higher dose, you can also switch because of practical reasons. It is easier to take the capsules while travelling, capsules do not need to be stored in a cool place and they do not have any taste or odour. In addition, the capsules do not contain any preservatives contrary to the liquid formulation. Whatever your reasons may be for choosing either capsules or liquid, it is important to know that you can switch without any problem between Synofit Premium Liquid and Synofit Premium Capsules.

Are there any points of attention?

  • Synofit Premium Liquid has a limited shelf life of 45 days after it has been opened. Therefore we do not recommend to switch to capsules when the bottle of Synofit Premium Liquid only has been partially used. After these 45 days we cannot guarantee the quality anymore and after switching prematurely over to capsules you may have to throw away the remainder of the liquid.
    Naturally, it is possible to switch to capsules for a short duration of time – for example when you are travelling – and thereafter resume taking the liquid.
  • The number of active ingredients in 10 ml Synofit Premium Liquid is virtually identical to 3 Synofit Premium Capsules with the exception of Boswellia that is only present in the liquid.
  • In general, we recommend for the maintenance period 2 Synofit Premium Capsules. In case you have reached a level where you are satisfied with Synofit, there is no problem to experiment yourself what your optimal dosage may be for the longer term. When you notice that your joint discomfort increases again while you are decreasing the dosage of Synofit we recommend to return immediately to the previous higher dosage. In case you take an insufficient dosage of Synofit for a prolonged period of time, you will need to go back to the higher initial dose in order to reach your previous level of satisfaction again.
  • In case you have used Synofit Premium Liquid and you are switching to the capsules there is no need to take additional supplements with Boswellia. Boswellia is usually effective only for a limited period of time and therefore Boswellia is only important as an extra ingredient during the initial period of taking Synofit.

Please contact our customer service in case you may have any additional questions.

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