Why does Synofit not have any side effects?

Synofit is completely natural

Synofit is a food supplement with only 100% natural ingredients. This means that there are no side effects except when you are allergic to certain foods such as molluscs. You may have noticed in the package insert that certain side-effects could be related to Synofit. In order to offer complete information, we inform you about every effect that has been observed while using Synofit even though these may have been mentioned by customers only once or twice and probably are unrelated to the use of Synofit.

In case you do have an allergy to molluscs, it is likely that you cannot take Synofit. More information about seafood allergy and the use of Synofit is available on the blog about seafood.

Taking Curcumin may cause problems in case you suffer from large gallstones. More information is available in the blog about Synofit and gallstones.

Are there any risks that result from taking Synofit?

People who have a mollusc-allergy are recommended not to take Synofit. Synofit contains liquid Green-lipped mussel and in case of a mollusc-allergy, this may result in symptoms such as diarrhoea, constipation, nausea, itching of dizziness. Curcumin stimulates the natural contractions of the gallbladder which by itself is a beneficial effect. However, in case of large gallstones, these contractions may be painful and thus undesirable. Some diabetics who have taken Synofit noticed some influence on their blood sugar level while most did not notice any influence at all. We advise that diabetics who start taking Synofit to do some extra checks of their blood sugar in the first couple of weeks to see whether there is any influence. Please read also our blog about the low sugar content of our products.

The increased discomfort of the joints

In some rare cases, it is possible that stiffness and pain in the joints seem to worsen while taking Synofit instead of improving. Naturally, this is not what should be expected. However, this is not necessarily an alarming signal. Please read more about this phenomenon in this blog about pain and Synofit. Some people may complain about nausea while taking the liquid Synofit formula. This can be solved by changing to Synofit Premium Capsules which are neutral in taste and odour. In addition, some people complain about the ingredient Boswellia in Synofit Premium Liquid that in rare cases may result in acid reflux or stomach pain after ingestion. This can be resolved by taking the liquid during or after a meal instead of the recommendation to take it before the meal. Also taking Synofit liquid together with milk or any other food that contains calcium usually solves the problem. In case acid and/or stomach problems continue we advise to change to Synofit Premium Capsules. Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you have any complaints and our medical team will provide you with personal advice.

When you experience another possible side effect…

We take our customers very seriously. Please contact us in case you experience any side effect that you might think could be related to Synofit or stop taking Synofit temporarily and restart to see whether the supposed side effect is really related to the use of Synofit. Fortunately, the vast majority of reactions from our customers are about the beneficial effect of Synofit. Also, in that case, do not hesitate to share your experience!

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