What is the difference between Synofit Premium Liquid and Synofit Premium Capsules?

Is Synofit Premium Liquid better than the Synofit Premium capsules?

This will be the most frequently asked question about Synofit, apart from the question about interaction with medicines. Both questions are certainly not unimportant and, as a customer, it’s a question that you should consider!

To explain the difference between Synofit Premium Liquid and Synofit Premium Capsules, you will find the following overview in several places on our website:

Synofit Liquid Bottle

✓ The original, pure Synofit Premium liquid
✓ Contains: Green-lipped mussel, Curcumin, & Blackcurrant leaf
✓ Also contains: Boswellia
✓ Liquid
✓ No capsules or pills to swallow
✓ Shelf life of up to 45 days after opening
✓ 2-3 times a day (10 ml per day)
✓ The true Synofit taste!

Synofit Liquid Capsules

✓ Capsules contains Synofit Premium liquid
✓ With: Green-lipped mussel, Curcumin & Black currant leaf
✓ Does not contain Boswellia
✓ Convenient to carry around
✓ Long shelf life
✓ Initially 3 capsule per day, later reducing to1-2 capsules per day
✓ Initially take 3 times per day, later reducing to 1-2 times per day
✓ Odourless and tasteless

These are the core of the differences, which we will now explain further.

Difference between Premium Liquid and Premium Capsules

Synofit Premium Liquid can theoretically be absorbed more efficiently and faster because there is no capsule to be broken down before it can be processed by the body. Synofit Premium Liquid starts to be digested in the mouth, but with the capsules, digestion starts in the stomach when the capsule dissolves. Synofit Premium Liquid also contains Boswellia as an extra ingredient.

Why didn’t we include Boswellia in the capsules?

This is also a frequently asked question. The reason is simple: the capsules are ‘full’. Previously, Synofit Premium contained only liquid Green-lipped mussel with Curcumin and Blackcurrant leaf. Boswellia was added later on. But in the capsules, this was not possible, because they were already packed with the three main ingredients (GLMax® Green-lipped mussel, Curcumin & Blackcurrant leaf). At that time, we had to choose between (1) making the capsules bigger, (2) having the customer swallow more than three capsules per day or (3) not adding Boswellia to the capsules.

Because of the user-friendliness, which is very important to us, we opted for the latter. It is also the case that Boswellia, especially in the initial period, the build-up phase, is added value. Most people opt for the Synofit Premium Liquid treatment course, which includes Boswellia, for a faster satisfaction. This is why you switch to capsules during your maintenance period.

Boswellia can occasionally be heavy on the stomach of some people. There have been a few reports of indigestion, nausea, or a feeling of tightness in the stomach area. For these people, the Synofit Premium Capsules for the build-up phase offer a welcome solution.

Synofit Premium Liquid contains sweetener (steviol glycosides) and flavouring. With the capsules, this is not necessary because they are tasteless. Even with the improvement in flavour, Synofit Premium Liquid is not everyone’s favourite taste.

No sugar has been added to either product. Synofit Premium is officially low in sugar. This may be relevant for people who want to eat sugar-free or for people with diabetes.

Liquid or Capsules?

Synofit Premium Liquid contains preservatives to guarantee the shelf life for the first 50 days. Synofit Premium Capsules are airtight and are naturally long lasting. Therefore, no preservatives have been added to the capsules.

Synofit Premium Capsules are in blister packs, so are easy to carry in a bag and do not need to be kept cool after opening. People who travel a lot (especially around breakfast and dinner, when Synofit Premium Liquid needs to be taken) sometimes choose the capsules because they can be more user friendly. For example, there is no bottle to keep cool and, in a restaurant, a bottle of Synofit does not have to be placed on the table. Again, on a holiday the capsules are usually more convenient than the liquid. Read more in the blog Switching between Synofit Premium Liquid and Synofit Premium Capsules.

Intake Synofit Premium

Synofit Premium Liquid should be taken twice a day during the build-up period (the build-up course). The Synofit Premium Capsules must be taken 3 times a day to get the same amount of ingredients. If you find it annoying to have to take a capsule at lunchtime (for example during work or a lunch appointment), Synofit Premium Liquid may be more convenient.

In summary: what do I have to choose?

If you want to experience the maximum joint care of Synofit, use Synofit Premium Liquid for the build-up course. Customer satisfaction is highest with Synofit Premium Liquid, because customers with Synofit Premium Liquid are often satisfied within 1-2 weeks. With the Synofit Premium Capsules it takes an average of 4-5 weeks.

For practical reasons (above), taking Synofit Premium Liquid may be inconvenient, making the capsules a better option..
This is very personal, and we will gladly leave the final choice to you.

Does it not really matter?

With both Premium products you ‘should’ be satisfied within 80 days. In that respect, it does not matter which product you use.
If you are not (or not clearly) satisfied after 80 days, we advise you to stop taking Synofit Premium. By all means contact Customer Services to discuss this.


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