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As a loyal Synofit user with holiday plans, sooner or later the question will arise how you will do with Synofit when you are on vacation. On this page, the most important considerations and advice are listed.

Liquid or capsules?

  • We often get the question whether the Synofit Premium Capsules are more suitable for a holiday than Synofit Premium Liquid. In many cases, the capsules might be more favourable.
  • Synofit Premium Liquid should be kept cool after opening to ensure shelf life. This cannot always be achieved when camping (especially if you do not have electricity). However, Synofit Premium Capsules can be used. As long as the capsules are not exposed to full sunlight, there should be no problems in terms of shelf life.
  • Synofit Premium Liquid (the bottle) is more difficult to carry than the Synofit Premium Capsules. When you are out for a day (including dinner), you would have to take the bottle with you all day. Apart from the potential problem of keeping it cool, the bottle is also quite large and heavy. A few loose capsules are much more convenient, especially if you should have a long walk.
  • When travelling by plane, liquids are prohibited from check-in luggage for security reasons. If you have a long flight and therefore have to take Synofit during the trip, a bottle of Synofit Premium Liquid in your check-in luggage may attract attention during the security checks. This is because in carry-on luggage only packages with liquids up to 100 ml are allowed. Joint Gel should, therefore, be no problem. The capsules should also be more easily taken on board. Rules regarding liquids in the check-in luggage are usually detailed on either the airline’s or airports.
  • It should be possible to travel with Synofit Premium Liquid in your check-in luggage in the cargo hold. However, keep in mind that the temperature in the cargo hold is not optimally regulated. Therefore, there is no guarantee that the Synofit will be kept cool (although in most cases it is cold enough in the cargo hold). Please refer to the airline’s website for rules on check-in luggage.

Apart from this, there are several other reasons why you should choose either Synofit Premium Liquid or the Synofit Premium Capsules. If you want to know more about the ‘pros and cons’, then you should review the blog about the differences between Synofit Premium Liquid and Synofit Premium Capsules.

I think I want to switch (temporarily). What now?

For the reasons mentioned above, it often happens that someone wants to use the capsules during the holidays or for a day out instead of the pure liquid. Switching Synofit Premium Liquid to Synofit Premium Capsules can usually be done without any problems; for more details, read the blog about switching between these products.

During holidays and outings, one should take note of the following when switching products:

  • Synofit Premium Liquid can be stored for up to 45 days after opening, provided it is stored in a cool place. If used correctly, you can use one bottle for 40 days (NB there is a tolerance of 5 days). With a short trip or a weekend away, you can, therefore, use the capsules for a few days and leave the (opened (but well closed) bottle in the fridge at home.
  • If you want to use the capsules for more than 5 days instead of Synofit Premium Liquid, you may prefer to switch to the Premium Capsules prematurely. This is to prevent decay of the already opened bottle of Synofit Premium Liquid. So as soon as your bottle is empty and there are less than 40 days left until your trip or holiday, it is better to make the switch at that point rather than start a new bottle.
  • The Synofit Premium Capsules have a very long shelf life (up to 2 years after production) and do not need to be kept cool. Therefore, you can use some of the capsules during your trip and use the rest of the capsules during another trip or another holiday.
  • To calculate in advance how many Synofit Premium Capsules you need for the time you hope to be away from home, determine the desired dosage first (build-up course: 3 capsules per day, maintenance dose: 2 capsules per day, in some cases 1 capsule per day) and then calculate how many capsules you need. You can then adjust your holiday order accordingly.

Questions about Synofit during the holidays?

Our employees are also available for questions during your holiday period. So you can always call or e-mail if there is something unclear.

During a trip, your joints may have to work harder than normal. You should consider taking Synofit Joint Gel with you. At the end of a tough day, you can use the Gel to ease the joints and muscles.

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