Allergy for molluscs and using Synofit

Greenlipped mussels are molluscs

All Synofit products contain Green Lipped Mussels, which are considered molluscs. Even though this particular type of mussel differs from the ordinary mussels that are usually consumed, there are similarities. We, therefore, not encourage taking Synofit when you know you are allergic to mussels.

The underlying cause for a mussel allergy is usually related to tropomyosin. This is a family of proteins and is found in the muscle tissue of all animals. This protein is similar in the human body. In case of mussels, the proteins deviate substantially from human proteins, therefore, this can sometimes lead to an allergic reaction.

Cross-reactions between seafood allergy and mussel allergy

Even though Green Lipped mussels are usually referred to as crustacean seafood, this does not necessarily mean that an allergy to crustacean seafood – such as for shrimp – means that you are also allergic to mussels. In fact, in most cases, there is no cross-allergy between most other crustacean seafood and mussels, even though it remains a possibility.

Mollusc allergy Synofit

This picture shows various types of crustacean seafood and molluscs. Some of these are known to have similarities in their tropomyosin and therefore can cause cross allergies. However, there are also some fundamental differences.

Can I try Synofit when I am allergic to molluscs?

It is often difficult to predict whether known allergies to molluscs will also cause an allergic reaction after taking Synofit. In case of doubt, our customer service can send you some capsules in order to try.

Caution: You should NOT try to take Synofit in case you are known to have had an allergic reaction after consuming any type of molluscs that has caused severe symptoms such as unconsciousness or even shock!

How do you know for sure whether you have an allergy to mussels?

In case of doubt, you can always ask your doctor for an allergy test. This test will show whether you are allergic to molluscs in general and if that includes mussels as well.

Indigestion problems after consumption of a spoiled mussel

There is a clear-cut difference between being allergic to mussels and having had indigestion problems as a result of consuming a spoiled mussel. There is no possibility that Synofit contains such a spoiled mussel. Every batch of mussels that is used for the production of Synofit is carefully tested by our production facilities including independent authorities for the presence of an occasional spoiled mussel or harmful substances that such a mussel could contain. This means that you can be absolutely sure that Synofit does not contain any potentially harmful substances including heavy metals such as mercury. Please also read our article about 100% pure Green Lipped Mussel.

A complete overview of potentially allergenic substances in Synofit

Please read our blog about potential allergic substances that could be present in Synofit, that also includes comments on substances such as gluten and lactose.

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