Everything you need to know about the Synofit Premium build-up treatment cure

Definition of build-up treatment cure

The word ‘cure’ indicates a temporary treatment or relief of symptoms of a condition or disease. A ‘build-up cure‘ is, therefore, a temporary treatment that is building something up. In the case of Synofit Premium, the idea is that the ingredients are ingested in a slightly higher dosage during the build-up treatment cure in order to allow the quantity of these substances to be built up in the body.
Without the initial build-up treatment cure, there is a chance that your body will not respond at all to the ingredients you have taken. The ‘maintenance dose’ is usually too low to be of real significance, if the treatment cure is not taken.

Information about the dosage on the packaging

Using the build-up treatment cure of Synofit Premium
During the build-up treatment cure phase, a daily dose of 10 ml of Synofit Premium Liquid or 3 Synofit Premium Capsules should be used. This is also shown on the packaging as the dosage for the build-up treatment cure (first period, up to 80 days) for the initial period of up to 80 days.

The duration of the build-up treatment cure of Synofit Premium

As stated on the packaging, ‘up to 80 days’ is the guideline for the duration of the build-up treatment cure. This equates to 1 to 2 packs of Synofit Premium Liquid (400 ml) or Synofit Premium Capsules (120 packs) at the mentioned build-up dosage. One pack will last 40 days. It may, therefore, be necessary to continue the additional treatment cure after the first 40 days (up to 80 days).

As is often the case during this build-up phase, some people experience relief of their symptoms before the end of the suggested 40-80 day period. This is most common with those who are using Synofit Premium Liquid (that is: Synofit Premium in the bottles, which needs to be taken with a spoon). If you experience this, you are completely free to switch to the maintenance dose earlier.

Occasionally, after 80 days some people still do not feel that Synofit Premium is not working for him or her. This is the case with about 30% of people who use Synofit Premium. If you are still not satisfied after 80 days of the build-up treatment, we advise you not to continue with Synofit. Our experience is that it takes a maximum of 80 days before the Synofit Premium build-up course is effective and results in a satisfied customer!

The switch to the maintenance dose

You can lower the dosage as soon as you are satisfied with Synofit. If you still have doubts, then just keep up with the build-up treatment cure.
The maintenance dose consists of 5 ml Synofit Premium Liquid or 2 Synofit Premium Capsules per day.
For a detailed explanation about the maintenance dose, please also read the blog about the maintenance dose >>>

Is the maintenance dose always suitable?

Some customers experience their level of satisfaction with Synofit Premium decreasing when start using the maintenance dose. If this is your experience then it is advisable to immediately start using the building-up dose again. Should that happen, you can try lowering the dosage again, later on, to see whether the maintenance dose is effective.

Continue to use a build-up treatment cure after the first 80 days
We regularly hear the question: “I do not want to use any maintenance dose at all, can I continue to use the build-up treatment cure dose?
Although this is, of course, a financially less attractive choice, it is no problem for people’s health to continue using the build-up treatment cure dose.

One capsule per day?

The packaging states that one Synofit Premium Capsule per day is sufficient. This, of course, applies to the maintenance dose.
We advise you to try this only if you have been able to use 2 Synofit Premium Capsules per day for a longer time, for example, one month.

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