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How to use Synofit: what you need to know before you start

Being well informed is very important before you start using Synofit. Synofit Premium, for example, is not recommended as a dietary supplement when you have a mollusc allergy, or if you have gallstones. For additional advice and information, you can, of course, go to a Synofit sales point in your area, or ask your question directly online.

Using Synofit: as a drink, as capsules or as a gel

You can supplement your joints by using Synofit Premium as a drink (Synofit Premium Liquid) or as capsules (Synofit Premium Capsules).

Synofit also offers a gel for external use, as an extension to the orally taken product.
Generally speaking, for long-term joint care, users find that Synofit Premium is the appropriate choice. If you also want to start with Synofit Premium as a dietary supplement, then kindly read our page about the build-up phase so that you know what to expect with this total joint care formula.

Synofit Premium

Synofit Premium Liquid Recommendations

During the build-up phase (up to 80 days), 5 ml of Synofit Premium Liquid is taken twice a day before meals. When joints continue to feel flexible and comfortable after this period, as a maintenance dosage, you can take 5 ml (preferably in the morning) or 2.5 ml twice a day before a meal. For your convenience, an extra measuring cup is supplied within the packaging. You will also receive a measuring spoon that marks both 2.5 and 5.0 ml, in order for you to properly measure the required amount.
Note: Synofit Premium cannot always be used in combination with certain medications.

During the build-up phase (up to 80 days), Synofit Premium Capsules are taken three times a day before meals. When joints continue to feel flexible and comfortable after this period, a maintenance dosage of one Synofit Premium Capsule, twice daily, can be taken. In some cases, and after some time, one Synofit Premium Capsule can be sufficient. This is best done in the morning (on an empty stomach).
Note: Synofit Premium cannot always be used in combination with certain medicines. (More information on this can be found in the user manual that you can download below).

Instructions Synofit Premium download

You can download the latest instructions for Synofit Premium Liquid and Synofit Premium Capsules here.

Joint Gel

In addition to Synofit as a dietary supplement, you can also use the wonderful Synofit Joint Gel. The gel is exclusively for external use.
Have you decided to use Synofit Joint Gel? Then read our blog about the use of the dietary supplement (Synofit Premium Liquid and Synofit Premium Capsules) versus the use of the gel (Synofit Joint Gel). In short, the Joint Gel acts quickly, locally and superficially, where Synofit Premium as a dietary supplement acts thoroughly, throughout-the-body, and long-term.
Instructions for use with Synofit Joint Gel
Apply a small amount of gel 2 to 3 times a day onto the desired areas (muscles and/or joints). Avoid swallowing, contact with the eyes, contact with damaged skin or contact with mucous membranes: a burning sensation may be observed.

Instructions for Synofit Joint Gel download

The most up-to-date instructions for Synofit Joint Gel can be downloaded here.

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