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GLMax ®: 100 % pure liquid Green-Lipped mussel

Synofit is the only Green-Lipped mussel product which contains GLMax®, Green-Lipped mussel in a liquid and stabilised form. No powders, extracts or oils are used, but only a 100% pure Green-Lipped mussel (also Greenshell mussel) in liquid and stabilised form.
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Using Synofit: what you need to know

Synofit is a joint treatment that helps to maintain healthy, flexible joints. It contains Curcumin, Black currant leaf, and Green-lipped mussel. Synofit Liquid comes as a 200ml or 400 ml bottle. The Synofit Liquid Capsules are capsules with a liquid content.
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Combining Synofit with other compounds and nutrition

When taking Synofit Premium, it is advised to take it on an empty stomach as possible. As previously reported, this affects the absorption of the ingredients of Synofit Premium (especially Curcumin). If the ingredients of Synofit Premium “get stuck” to the food that is taken at the same time, the chances are smaller that the ingredients of Synofit Premium will come into contact with the intestinal wall and that they will be absorbed by the body.
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Why does Synofit not have any side effects?

Synofit is a food supplement with only 100% natural ingredients. This means that there are no side effects except when you are allergic to certain foods such as molluscs. You may have noticed in the package insert that certain side-effects could be related to Synofit. In order to offer complete information, we inform you about every effect that has been observed while using Synofit even though these may have been mentioned by customers only once or twice and probably are unrelated to the use of Synofit.
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Tips for taking Synofit at the right time of day

Synofit has been used by many people for several years now and has become a leading food supplement for joint discomfort. We know now that it is important to take Synofit on an empty stomach so that the ingredients can be absorbed faster and more complete which is especially important for Curcumin.
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What if your discomfort increases while taking Synofit?

Occasionally it may happen that you may experience an increase of joint discomfort such as pain stiffness of the joints instead of the expected relief when you have started taking Synofit. Obviously, this is not the effect that you were expecting.
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What is the difference between Synofit Premium Liquid and Synofit Premium Capsules?

This will be the most frequently asked question about Synofit, apart from the question about interaction with medicines. Both questions are certainly not unimportant and, as a customer, it’s a question that you should consider!
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New clinical research with Synofit

Synofit is very active in research with Synofit and communicating the results with clients as well as healthcare professionals. In 2015 a new clinical research study has started in cooperation with Professor Thierry Appelboom in the Erasmus University in Brussels (Belgium) with more than 100 participants.
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Taking Synofit when you have gallstones

Synofit Premium contains Curcumin that can have a slight stimulating effect on the contractions of the gallbladder. In fact, under normal circumstances that is a healthy effect since a slight stimulation of the contractions of the gallbladder can help to prevent the formation of gallbladder stones.
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Is there any sugar in Synofit?

We regularly receive questions about the sugar content of Synofit. These questions come from both diabetic patients and those who are increasingly concerned about how much sugar or carbohydrates they consume.
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Allergens in Synofit

When you are intolerant of certain substances, you need to pay close attention to the presence of ingredients in food and other products that you come in contact with. An allergic reaction is not only annoying, in some cases, it can be dangerous.
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Synofit cheaper?

We often get the question if Synofit Premium can be offered more cheaply and we get that because Synofit Premium is not a cheap product. Yet there are thousands of satisfied customers who swear by Synofit Premium. And how did that happen? There are dozens of other products on the market with inexpensive Green-lipped mussel extract or pills with Curcumin powder right?
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Synofit Premium build-up treatment cure

The word ‘cure’ indicates a temporary treatment or relief of symptoms of a condition or disease. A ‘build-up cure’ is, therefore, a temporary treatment that is building something up. In the case of Synofit Premium, the idea is that the ingredients are ingested in a slightly higher dosage during the build-up treatment. Read more

Allergy for molluscs and using Synofit

All Synofit products contain Green Lipped Mussels, which are considered molluscs. Even though this particular type of mussel differs from the ordinary mussels that are usually consumed, there are similarities. We, therefore, not encourage taking Synofit when you know you are allergic to mussels.
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Switching between Synofit Premium Liquid and Synofit Premium Capsules

The first and most important reason to switch from liquid to capsules is the switch to maintenance. If you used Synofit Premium Liquid before and you want to keep taking the higher dose, you can also switch because of practical reasons.
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